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Sensopathic fingerpaint, water based available in 6 colours, each with its own structure a unique colour sensation for children: paint, see and feel stimulates children’s hand dexterity and touching senses also very suitable for blind and partially sighted children complies with the European Sa..
25.500 KWD
A game for learning to identify facial expressions from icons and associating them with photos of real expressions50 CARDS of 9 x 9 cm in thick and compact cardboardRecommended for 3 to 6 years age children'sUsing this game you can work with numerous aspects of children’s psycholog..
19.250 KWD
50 photographs of 19.5 x 13.5 cm containing 25 situations in duplicate. In the duplicate pictures, there are usually 3 differences: something in a different place, an object in a different colour, something missing or something new, etc. These photographs make it easy to learn language natur..
20.450 KWD
50 photos of various household itemsThese photos make it easy to learn language of courseRecommended for 3 to 6 years old children..
17.000 KWD
Link 'N' Learn Links, Bucket of 500 Assorted Color Link 'N' Learn Links, Bucket of 500 Assorted Color
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Enhance creative play to make necklaces, snakes or designs while increasing fine motor skills.Kids learn counting, patterning, and sorting.Links are easy for young students to connect and separate.Includes 500 links in 4 colors, activity guide, and storage bucket.Kids will learn counting, patterning..
11.000 KWD
Logo-Bits For Oral Motor Speech Therapy Logo-Bits For Oral Motor Speech Therapy
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These orofacial practice cards help people to adopt the correct positioning of the lips, tongue, jaw and palate, maximizing the coordination and strength of the orofacial muscles. Orofacial praxis cards are part of Myofunctional Therapy (TMF) which is especially recommended for re-educating ..
24.500 KWD
Easy to hold and a cinch to string, our big, bright beads make lacing a breeze! The 18 chunky beads have fun patterns and textures that are exciting to explore—plus, the laces are firm yet flexible, so they’re easy to string! Laces measure 7 1/2"; beads measure 2"...
19.550 KWD
A lively shaped and vividly colored mat set with various textures to enhance tactile sensitivity. The mats can also be pieced together for more ways of playing. The mat is aroma free and non-toxic.Different textures for various simulations.The mats can be pieced from flat to three-dimension and ..
59.500 KWD
Perfect for toddlers, preschoolers, those with special needs and occupational therapists!Children can simply lace the large variety of buttons on the lace to make pretty jewelry, or they can sort or lace by color or button shape. Olderchildren can create patterns with the colors and shapesFine motor..
5.250 KWD
The large board alone serves as a balance board;it allows two children to stand on it at the same time,working together to make the ball roll along the orbit.The two interchangeable disks can be added for more fun and challenge.The coupling disks can also be used as handheld devices for ..
22.500 KWD
Memory games can be used as sorting or discussion exercises. The rules are simple: cards, left face down in front of the players, must be turned over two at a time to match pairs. Throw the dice and identify a card according to the differe..
16.750 KWD
A set of over 100 semi-rigid cut-out plastic pieces representing parts of the body (from the front, side and back), facial expressions, clothes and accessoriesIncludes magnets so the pieces can be used on metallic surfacesRecommended for 3 to 6 years age children's..
33.750 KWD
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