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Bucket Measuring Balance Bucket Measuring Balance
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Model: 1054
MEASURING BALANCE Comparison and measurement of weight and volume, solid or liquid. Built-in weight storage compartments with plastic and metal weights. Contents: Each set includes one balance with a centre adjustment for accurate measurement, 2 clear 1lt buckets with lids, 14 stackable plastic ..
17.000 KWD
Model: LL139
Easy-grip tweezer tongs help little ones gain muscle control, coordination and fine motor skills! Kids simply grip the tongs like a pencil to grab and sort objects…building the skills they need to begin writing! Set includes 4 tongs; each measures 6"...
3.150 KWD
Gator Grabber Tweezers - Set of 12 Gator Grabber Tweezers - Set of 12
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Model: 2963
As students pick up objects with the tweezers, they are working on motor planning and eye-hand coordination (visual-motor integration) and refining the manual skills needed for writing, drawing and daily living. Sensory Integration- Students who are hypersensitive to textures can participate..
7.900 KWD
Model: 9164
Challenge your budding engineer to build more with this 150-piece super set. The giant storage tub of colorful, spinning gears will put creativity, motor skills, and hands-on construction play to the test. So get ready to snap these sturdy plastic pieces into place and create something amazi..
27.500 KWD
Model: EA210X/B
Our colorful sand timers provide a highly visual way to measure time—from 60 seconds to 10 full minutes! Each timer has been tested for accuracy…and features a giant, easy-view design that’s ideal for classroom use. Complete set includes all 4 timers shown. Timers measure 6 1/4" tall. ..
36.000 KWD
Model: AA931
A fascinating, hands-on way for tots to explore sight and sound! Each see-inside tube is filled with objects of different colors, weights, shapes and sizes—like feathers, balls, bells and sparkly gems—so kids get a variety of fun sensory experiences! Durable plastic tubes are permanently sea..
43.750 KWD
Model: 2774
These extra large magnifiers put science into big time view for young childrenTeachers can introduce early scientific exploration and investigation with a tool that real scientists useSized perfectly for small handsIdeal for taking a closer look at critters, rocks, fabric and so much moreAges 3+..
16.350 KWD
Model: 1963
KIDS TWEEZERS: Set includes 12 tweezers in 6 colors, activity guide, and plastic storage container for children, classroom and home use KIDS TWEEZER FOR FINE MOTOR: Build fine motor skills by developing the thumb-forefinger pincer grasp FINE MOTOR TOOL: Perfect for fine motor and occupat..
7.220 KWD
Model: ASE51035
This model is a replica of a life size human skeleton and shows all the skeleton parts in high details. It’s hand-assembled to provide intricate details and long-lasting durability. The main joints are articulated; the upper and lower limbs can be removed easily. The following parts are deta..
169.000 KWD
Model: AA531
A fascinating way for kids to get hands-on experience with friction, flow and speed! Each tube is designed to showcase a different aspect of motion—children simply flip the tubes and watch as the angle of a track determines the speed of the balls, the size of a funnel controls flow…and the s..
18.750 KWD
My Body Puzzle
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Model: JJ552
Simple puzzle to teach young children about the human body and the simple names of the human body while seeing the front and back.L/w/ : 40 x 30 cm..
7.750 KWD
Puzzle Globe Puzzle Globe
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Model: 7735
BUILD FINE MOTOR SKILLS: The puzzle globe is great for early fine motor skills, learning spacial awareness, and geography REAL GLOBE: The globe’s 6 puzzle pieces represent Asia, Europe, Australia, Africa, and North and South America, while a stationary bottom piece represents Antarctica ..
17.750 KWD
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