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Model: 01808
Using only quality, safe ingredients. The Basic color are made from 98% naturally sourced ingredients, and 2% responsible additives. It goes without saying that our poster-paint complies with the stringent European Safety Standards EN 71-7...
2.350 KWD
Model: FN704K
Eight different colors each in a 500ml bottle for a clear way to sparkle. Glitter paint is nontoxic, bright, shiny glitter paint that offers plenty of sparkling bling. Easy to use and fast drying for all sort of art and craft applications...
19.500 KWD
 Mini Motors Counters - Set of 72  Mini Motors Counters - Set of 72
Out of Stock
Model: 0190
Whimsical vehicles shift imaginations into high gear. This set of 72 soft rubber counters comes in six colors and shapes including car, train, airplane, tugboat, bus and fire engine. Packaged in a reusable storage bucket...
11.450 KWD
Model: GS454
These scissors are specially designed for small artists!  It features smooth plastic blades that crisply cut through paper... but won't let children cut through their hair or clothes...
0.990 KWD
 Sequencing Numbers 1-10 Puzzles - Set of 3  Sequencing Numbers 1-10 Puzzles - Set of 3
Out of Stock
Model: LL567
Fun themed puzzles help children build number skills piece by piece! Each set includes 3 wooden puzzles, all with simple, colour-coded pieces numbered 1-10...
8.500 KWD
Model: FN208
A high grade, non-toxic, wash-off poster paint. Ideally suited for art education, particularly for large-area poster painting, stencil & printing techniques, finger painting & general artwork. Image is a representation of size...
4.000 KWD
Model: 32015
Each number has a corresponding number of pieces that are matched with the number of objects on the base. 10 puzzles from (1-10) supplied in a wooden box..
9.990 KWD
Model: ZX74
Glitter Card A4 size in various colors Includes: 30 glitter cardstock paper sheets, 15 colors one pack, total 2 packs..Standard Size: A4 size, each measures 8.27 x 11.69 inches, large enough to DIY.These glitter paper are easy to cut and punch, just draw the shape and cut, a great shining addition..
9.990 KWD
Model: ZX75
Glitter Papers A4 size in various colors is wonderfully versatile essential to any classroom store cupboard. The pack contains two each of 15 exciting colours including fluorescent colours. Pack of 30 A4 sheets. Perfect for all creative and decorative projects...
8.500 KWD
Model: ADC801
Pack of 250 A4 Size Color Papers. General Purpose Color Papers For Home Use, Schools or Office Use..10 Colors (25 Sheets Per Color) – Great for Hobby Ideas and Creative Art and Craft Projects..Solid Colors – Can be Used for Making Charts, Drawing, Diagrams etc..Versatile Paper – Can be Used for Prin..
1.450 KWD
Model: 9749A
Aku rings, made of soft material. Comes in green colours. Soft and flexible ringThe nodules allow for a pleasant sensory impulseIdeal for building motor skillsCan be used in water as diving ringsRing size - 17cm / 7inRecommended ages: 3 and up..
9.550 KWD
Alphabet Bean Bags
Out of Stock
Model: 13310
Each bean bag has the the letter in lower case on one side & capital on the reverse. Each bean bag measures 6.5 cm. Comes in fabrics storage bag...
11.850 KWD
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